ISSN: 1223-1533

Review Process

The materials for publication must be sent on CD and written on A4 paper in 2 copies: one copy with the authors printed and one copy without the authors. The article will be sent together with a publishing application signed by the authors. The rules of editing and publishing application can be downloaded here. The reproducing agreement from the copyright holders for already published materials must be attached to the paper. A short CV (maximum 1 page) of the first author will be attached also.

Each article will be registered with an identification number that will be used throughout the evaluation process. This registration will ensure the impartiality of the reviewing process.

Journal of Experimental & Medical Research has adopted a peer-review process consisting of two stages which will be conducted by members of the Editorial and Scientific Board.

In the first step, the editors will assess the compliance of the instructions for authors regarding the accuracy of typing and English translation of the article - where those requirements are not met, the paper will be returned to the authors for the deficiencies.

In the second stage takes place the peer-review phase: Articles that are accepted after the first round of review will be sent to two independent reviewers for scientific evaluation.
The reviewers are members of the academic community and experts in their field and whose anonymity will be preserved; they will analyze the items received based on the evaluation criteria established by the Editorial Board of the journal. The authors identity will not be revealed to the reviewers, the article bearing the registration number for identification purposes only.
Following the analysis of the reviewers, the findings will be communicated to the authors. Inadequate articles will be returned to the authors for correction. In case of acceptance of publication, the preprint of the article will be sent to the authors for final proof of the publication.

Reviewing the development process ensures a high quality scientific journal.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Quality of scientific content.
  • Promotion of special medical and surgical techniques.
  • Correct use of methods and statistics.
  • Impact of the study on clinical medicine.
  • Degree of originality and novelty of the proposed theme.
  • Experimental studies on animals must comply with European and "Charter principles of animal care and use."
  • Clinical trials must follow the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki.
  • Clarity and accuracy of text.
  • Lack of error, wrong concepts and ambiguities.
  • The relevance of bibliographic sources.