ISSN: 1223-1533

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Authors: Marija Zdravkovic, Mirjana Krotin, Miljko Ristic, Jovan Perunicic, Vladimir Vukomanovic, Sergej Prijic, Darko Zdravkovic, Slavica Radovanovic, Jelena Saric


Background: There are limited data on adolescent players regarding ectopic heart beats and early left ventricle remodeling. The aim of the study was to evaluate correlation of the ectopic heart beats and early left ventricle remodeling in adolescent professional footballers.


Methods: 94 teenage footballers were screened by ECG at rest and echocardiography at a tertiary referral cardio centre. They were from national professional football league (at least 7 training hours/week). Control group consisted of 47 age-matched healthy volunteers with sedentary life style (less than 2 training hours/week). All athletes and volunteers from control group had no symptoms, none of them had syncope and physical findings were normal. Presence of ectopic ventricular (VES) and supraventricular (SVES) heart beats and their correlation with echocardiographic parameters (aorta – AO, enddyastolic-EDDLV, endsystolic dimension-ESDLV, left atrial dimension-LA, ejection fraction -EF, fraction of shortening - FS and left ventricle wall thickness, left ventricle mass –LVM and left ventricle mass index -LVMI) were compared in these two groups.


Results: Six players (6.4%) had SVES at rest ECG and only two players had VES (2.1%). None of the participants in control group had ectopic heart beats. There was no significant difference between frequenca of the ectopic heart beats in two compared groups (chi-square 0.63, p=0.80). However, there were significant differences in the echocardiographic dimensions of the participants in these two groups. No significant correlation was seen between presence  of  ectopic  heart  beats  and  echocardiographic dimensions of AO, LP, EDDLV, ESDLV, LVM, LVMI in young teenage footballers.


Conclusions: Ectopic heart beats are not frequent in young teenage footballers and are not connected to early left ventricular remodeling in young teenage footballers.