ISSN: 1223-1533

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Authors: Mihaela Marcella Vida, Oana Sorina Lupse, Lacramioara Stoicu-Tivadar, Mariana Moga, V. Moga


One of the areas with greatest needs having available information at the right moment and with high accuracy is healthcare. Right information at right time saves lives, expecially in cardiology. This work proposes a solution based on cloud computing implemented for hospital systems having as a result a better management, high speed for the medical process, and increased quality of the medical services. Cloud computing technology is still new but promises a revolution in the entire connected domains. Hospital information systems at national level started to grow in number, but available information is still not very well managed. Cloud computing allows using the latest technologies at low prices (pay-per-use) and with minimum resources. The paper presents a model for the architecture of the information systems in two key departments of a hospital: Pediatrics and Cardiology, using interoperability for better access to information and preparing the system for future connectivity. Results are presented related to information flow and exchange.