ISSN: 1223-1533

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Authors: F. Lakatos, L. Nagy, M. Oroszi


Introduction: The aim of our study was to determine whether atrial fibrillation (AF) or atrial fluttern restoration to sinus rhythm with electric or pharmacologic cardioversion induce modifications to the coagulation system ( thrombogenic factor ) or make any injury of myocardial tissue ( ). We used to monitoring of this changes D-dimer or/and cardiac troponin T laboratorial tests like as indicators.


Methods: 53 patients ( 23 female and 30 male, mean 69.7 years old patients) with AF and atrial fluttern undergoing either electric (n = 36) or pharmacologic (n = 17) cardioversion ( CV) were studied. Each patients D-dimer and cardiac troponin-T ( cTnT) blood samples were taken within 12-24 hours before and after electrical or pharmacological cardioversion.

We investigated in the electrical cardioversion group the D-dimer and the cTnT value before and after CV and we compared between the electrical and pharmacological CV D-dimer and cTnT value. All of the patient was performed transthoracal ( TT- echo) and transoesophageal ( TE-echo) echocardiography, we measured the left atrial diameter and the left atrial appendage maximal anterograd flow.


Results: There was no difference between the prae- and the post-cardioversion D-dimer and cTnT value in the electrical CV and between the electrical and the pharmacological CV (Table 38.1.).




Table 38.1.



Conclusion: The electrical and the pharmacological CV the D-dimer or the cTnT values was within normal reference limits (not thrombogenic or did not produce myocardial damage) so either safety methods