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Authors: Yah Jing, Zhong-Jian Li


Aims: To analyze the relationship among the rate of abnormal electrocardiogram, etiology and sex in physical examination of workers from province or city units.


Methods: 12 leads electrocardiogram in 15240 people who participate in physical examination were divided into two groups according to sex to compare the rate of abnormal electrocardiogram occurrence, including 7920 male cases 52% and 7320 female cases 48% and their average age is 47± 10 years.



  1. In  the 15240  subjects,  8100  53.1%    with  abnormal electrocardiogram and abnormality rate of male is higher than female P <0.05 ;
  2. The main abnormal electrocardiogram is left atrioventricular hypertrophy and ST-T change in both male and female;
  3. The left atrioventricular hypertrophy rate is higher in male than the female, and the ST-T changes rate is lower than women P <0.05 ;
  4. There is no difference in rate of fast arrhythmia, right atrioventricular hypertrophy, myocardial infarction and other incidence rate of abnormal electrocardiogram between male and female P> 0.05.


Conclusions: The rate of abnormal electrocardiogram and left atrioventricular hypertrophy rate are higher in males than in females, which is related to high blood pressure in male for long-term drinking, smoking, salt, fat. The ST-T change of female is caused by no cardiac factors. Therefore, promoting a healthy life style is a key to prevention of male hypertensive disease.