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Authors: Zheng-zhou Fan, Ke Wang, Zhong-Jian Li


Introduction: In order to improve the heath of the elderly in community  of  GuanCheng  Area  in  Zhengzhou  City  of China, the local government often call upon Grass-roots hospital and community hospitals to join together to do electrocardiogram (ECG) examination, measure blood pressure and do other related medical projects for the elderly in community. We collected the data of ECG and blood pressure from the elderly above 70 years old to explore the spectrum of ECG and blood pressure, to analyze the relationship between hypertension disease and cardiac electrical change in the elderly, thus provide sufficient evidence for the diagnosis and treatment plan for the community.


Methods: In all 384 cases, there were151 males and 233 females, there were 303 cases in the70-79 year old group, 76 case in the 80-89 year old group and 5 cases in the 90 year old group. We took ECGs with the 12 leads synchronous ECG machine by Shanghai photoelectric company of China, analyzed and diagnosed the reports through professional doctors, measured the blood pressure at the same time.




Fig. 24.1. The spectrum of abnormal electrocardiograms in the elderly


Results: Normal ECGs 156 cases (40.6%), abnormal ECGs 228 cases (59.4%). The spectrum of abnormal ECGs: tachyarrhythmia 48 cases (1.3%), slow type arrhythmia 64 cases (16.7%), intraventricular block 28 cases (7.3%), chronic   myocardial   infarction   14   cases   (3.6%),   left atrioventricular hypertrophy 195 cases (50.8%), ST - T changes 185 cases (48.2%).Normal blood pressure 178 cases (46.4%), increased blood pressure 206 cases (53.6%).


Conclusion: The number of abnormal ECG and high blood pressure is greater than the normal in the elderly above 70 years old, the most common ECG changes is left atrial abnormal and left ventricular hypertrophy, myocardial ischemia caused by high blood pressure. Therefore, grass-roots community should pay more attention to the prevention of hypertension.