ISSN: 1223-1533

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Authors: Yuan Cheng, Young-Sheng Wang, Zhong-Jian Li


Objective: To analyze the changes of electrocardiography in the bicycle exercise test in patients with myocardial bridging(MB).


Methods: From Januarary 2011 to Januarary 2012,the clinical data of 136 patients with MB receiving selected coronary arteriongraph (CAG) was analyzed, to investigate the relationship between the length of MB,the degree of marrowing of MB and the bicycle exercise test positive rate.



  1. The degree of narrowing of MB was graded I(less than 50%) in 93(68.4%) patients grade II(50% to 75%) in 40 29.4% patients and grade III (greater than 75%)in 3 2.2% patients. The length of MB rangd between 5 to 37 mm,MB length was less than 10mm in 37 27.2% patients,between 11 to 20mm in 42 30.9% patients,between 21 to 30 mm in 35 25.7%  patients,greater than 31 mm in 22 16.2% patients.
  2. 2.  The exercise test positive rate was19.9 %(27/136), 12 3 (11/93) in graded I ,5 0 (4/40) in gradeII ,2 8 (2/3) in gradeIII;The level of satistically significant difference was defined as P<0.05 in the three groups.
  3. The length of MB was positively related to the ST-segment depression(P<0.05).


Conclusion: The bicycle exercise test may serve as a good test to assess myocardial ischemia in patients with MB.The length of MB and the degree of marrowing of MB are positively related with myocardial ischemia