ISSN: 1223-1533

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Authors: Dana Bâibâța, Marius Badalica-Petrescu, Georgiana Ionescu, Simona Dragan, Silvia Mancas


Aim: to evaluate the correlations between the pulse pressure and cardiovascular risk factors: hemodinamic parameters, metabolic factors and traditional risk factors.


Materials and methods: our survey included 398 consecutive patients with high cardiovascular risk according to SCORE, hospitalized in 2011 in the Preventive Cardiology Clinic of the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Timisoara. For every patient, demographic and anamnestic data as well as common cardiovascular risk factors, metabolic profile and hemodinamic profile (24h-BP Holter survey and 24h-PP) were registered.


Results: we have obtained highly significant statistical correlations between 24h pulse pressure and hemodinamic parameters: 24h-SBP (p<0.001, r=0.752) and 24h-MBP (p<0.001, r=0.511); significant statistical correlations were found between 24h-PP and metabolic parameters: LDLc (p=0.038, r=0.156) and glycemia (p=0.001, r=0.162).


Conclusions: the established cut-off value of the 24h-PP validates the fact that people with increased 24h-PP have elevated 24h-SBP, thus presenting high cardiovascular risk. We proved the existence of a direct highly significant statistical correlation between 24h-PP and hemodinamic parameters, and between 24h-PP and some metabolic factors.

The 24h-PP showed its predictive significance in the assessment of cardiovascular risk in direct correlation with SBP and MBP.