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Prof. Dr. Jecu Aurel Avram

Due to a tragic event Prof. Dr. Jecu Aurel Avram has prematurely disappeared, leaving an enormous empty place in surgery and medical academic education. He was born in a family of doctors with intellectual traditions in the Banat region, he attended ”Colegiul Bãnãþean” High school and he finished The Faculty of General Medicine in 1973. He became a specialist doctor in general surgery in 1980, senior doctor in general surgery in 1990 and in 2002 he also became senior doctor in vascular surgery.

He started teaching in 1976 and became professor of General Surgery in 2001. Prof. Dr. Jecu Aurel Avram has trained entire generations of students and surgical interns and residents; he has dedicated his life with abnegation to surgery and patients. He was ingenious and original, enthusiastic and dynamic, with a synthetic judgment in the selection and coordination of analytical observation, conscientious, self-possessed, generous and understanding, with affection for the patients, with selected professional training.

A complex personality, he had a rich scientific activity, organized national and international scientific events, published 7 monographs, 2 textbooks for students, and made over 300 scientific works, of which 120 have been published. He was chief editor of “Journal of Experimental Medical and Surgical Research”, as well as being the coordinator of the experimental laboratory of the University of Medicine and Pharmacology, Timisoara. He also wrote chapters of the national manual of surgery.

He organized in Timisoara Congresses of Angiology and of Ambulatory Surgery and The VII-th Congress of Central European vascular Forum in 2010.

He was member of numerous scientific associations: The International Society of Angiology, The International Society of Phlebology, The Romanian Society of Ambulatory Surgery (president), Romanian Forum of Angiology (president), Romanian Society of Surgery (vice-president), German Society of Phlebology, Central European Vascular Forum and many others.

He was manager of County Hospital Timisoara, as well as counselor in the Mayor Office of Timisoara.

He introduced new operatory techniques in hepatic surgery, abdominal wall surgery and vascular surgery. He introduced the concept of “Day Surgery” in Romania.

The memory of Prof. Dr. Jecu Aurel Avram will always remain alive in our souls, as a luminous example of beloved teacher, passionate surgeon and scholar. He loved life and people, to them he gave all his energy and skills until his very last moment.