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The journal "Experimental & Medical-Surgical Research" has celebrated in 2010 seventeen (17) years of continuous appearance. The journal has published articles sign by prestigious authors from more than ten (10) countries, including members of Medical of Science Academies, International medical societies who all have contributed to increase and maintain a good scientific level. Many young researches have had the possibility to publish their articles in this journal and so they could assert themselves in the scientific society. We invite you to subscribe to the journal to maintain its appearance also in 2011.

You may subscribe:

  • Money order: Prof. Dr. Rodica AVRAM
    Editorial Office „Experimental & Medical-Surgical Researches”
    Street Toplita, no.2A
    Timisoara, 300012, Romania
  • Bank account BRD – Timisoara, holder: Romanian Forum of Angiology RO35BRDE360SV10468253600. It will be mentioned: subscription to „Experimental & Medical-Surgical Research” journal, the subscriber’s name and address.

The price for one subscribtion to „Experimental & Medical-Surgical Research” journal in 2011 is:

  • 150 RON for specialists and senior physicians, institutions, juridical persons
  • 100 RON for resident physicians and students
  • 50 Euro for abroad subscribers.

The subscription form will be sent listed at the editorial office address or sent on-line together with the copy of the payment receipt at the e-mail address :