ISSN: 1223-1533

Recommendations for Authors

The journal "Experimental & Medical-Surgical Research" appears at every 4 months sometimes with thematic or supplementary numbers.

We publish the following types of scientific materials:

  • Original articles
  • Case reports
  • Special medical or surgical techniques
  • Book and articles reviews
  • Medical congresses reports
  • Medical history studies
  • Editorials
  • Announcements, medical advertises, publicity
  • Letters to editor and answers

All the material will be sent in resistant envelopes and well packed  containing also  the information on CD to the address:

Editorial office – Experimental & Medical-Surgical Researches Journal
Chief editor – Prof. Dr. Rodica AVRAM
Street Toplita, no.2A,
Timisoara, 300012, Romania

For another supplementary data you may use the following phone:

  • tel. 004/0744526200
  • fax: 004/0256/489628
  • e-mail:

The materials for publication must be sent on CD and written on A4 paper in 2 copies: one copy with the authors printed and one copy without the authors. The article will be sent together with a publishing application (DOWNLOAD HERE) signed by the authors. The reproducing agreement from the copyright holders for already published materials must be attached to the paper. A short CV (maximum 1 page) of the first author will be attached also.

The experimental and clinical studies require the agreement of the Ethic Committee. We recommend that the number of pages for the articles to be:

  • Maximum 8 pages for original articles, clinical cases, medical-surgical techniques
  • Maximum 4 pages for article-reviews
  • Maximum 2 pages for book-reviews, congresses reports, editorials

The paper must contain:

  • The text, summary and keywords in English (for authors from Romania we recommend a consistent summary in Romanian, the text must be written with Romanian characters).
  • The authors: name, scientific title, hospital/department/university, mail address and the main author’s e-mail
  • The summary will contain minimum 150 and maximum 200 words
    The required structure is the following:
    • Objectives: the main objective of the article, the researched data, terms and abbreviations at the first appearance in text
    • Material and methods
    • Results and Discussions
    • Conclusions
  • Keywords (from Index Medicus) – maximum 4 words
  • The article will contain: introduction and the aim of the paper, material and methods, results, discussions, conclusions. The ethic aspects must be respected and patient identity must be kept secret. The abbreviation must be explained at the first appearance in article. The International System Units must be used when it is necessary. The statistic study methods used must be mentioned and the medical devices and technique used must be described in details.
  • The tables and figures will have the number and the legends in their lower part and they will be made with usual programs; their place in text must be pointed; they have to be attached at the end of the article; the paper will be black and white printed; the colored pictures will be paid by the authors
  • The reference will respect the international editorial requirements and will be identified with Arabic numerals in text

The experimental studies on animals must accomplish the European requirements and “The principles of the care and manipulation of the animals”. The clinical studies have to respect the principles of "Helsinki Statement".

The appearance sequence of the articles depends on the entrance date in editorial office and the number of pages assigned for the journal. The authors must have the subscription to the journal.
An expert whose name will not be known by the authors will evaluate the articles; his assessments will be communicated to the authors. The inappropriate articles (from the linguistic point of view) will be sent to the authors for corrections. If the paper is accepted it will be sent to the authors for checking for final form and for signing the publishing agreement.