ISSN: 1223-1533


The journal "Experimental & Medical & Surgical Researches" is a promoter of original medical research and other connective fields and for the renewal of knowledge in branches with important recent progresses. There are six (6) societies that supervise the journal: The Multidisciplinary Research Association of the Western Region of Romania, Medical Science Academy – Timisoara, The University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara, The Romanian Forum of Angiology, The Romanian Society of Ambulatory Surgery, "Cardioprogress"Association.

The journal has published since1994 four (4) numbers annually to promote medical knowledge. It contributes at elevation of the competition’s spirit bet also of “fair-play” in medicine, at the development of a research school and at the establishment and recognition of the latest Romanian medical discoveries by publishing articles signed by prestigious personalities of medicine. It permits also the editorial outbreak for the young researches. At the beginning we had the support of Acad.Prof.Dr.Pius Branzeu followed with a lot of interest and great spirit the development of the journal and also helped us with constructive critics at every edition. In the editorial of the first number he considered the journal as “a beautiful initiative” as said the well-known anatomist Nicolaus Stenon (Niels Stensen): "It is beautiful what we see, it is more beautiful what we understand and know; but the most beautiful is that unknown which we want to clarify". The foundation of the journal was possible also with the help of The University of Medicine and Pharmacy rector, Prof.Dr.St.Dragulescu, member of the Medical Academy of Timisoara.

The success of the journal has overcome our expectancies so the editorial board has increased in number from 7 ( seven ) to seventy-four (74) personalities and ten (10) honorary members. The number of published articles has increased to 15-20 for one journal. We raised the quality requirements of the articles from the originality point of view but also as methodology to align as to the academic and scientific community’s demands.

We have overcome the time "write, only write" and now the quality verified by "peer-review" is imposed. Modern and standardized medical investigations and correct statistical studies are used. The progress of the journal is based also on the constructive critics.

For a more adequate accessibility of the journal in the scientific community the editorial board has decided that all the articles to be written in an worldwide spoken language (English or French) and associated with explicit abstracts in Romanian. The web page of the journal facilitates the international access to the published information.